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Here in our private library you will find an ever growing collection of
short stories, novelettes, continuing stories, and our all time favorite stories... the ones with pictures!

We also have a section of the library for contributions from our members.

The Willing Captive- A sci-fi fantasy   New for March '10

Watching Momie Get Ready- A Pictorial Story

Mistress Haize and Her New Subbie- A Pictorial Story   

You Like It When I Wear Your Shirt- A Story for our more dominate readers

A Fantasy Session Book Flip Story With Mistress Cinamon

A Tease and Denial Experience To Remember

Mrs.Nowiki Trains Little Rudy
A youngster learns from an older neighbor!

My Russian Neighbor Lady
Our Nastiest Pictorial Story Yet!
Stan and Lady Challenge at Play Continues
Our Newest Pictorial Story!

Fun Beside the Fireplace
a Pictorial Fantasy Session

Executive In Person Domination Session
Roleplay in-person with Mistress Cinamon in Reno, Nevda!

Stan and Lady Challenge at Play
Continuing Pictorial Story!

An In Person Session With Mistress Cinamon
Pictorial Story!

You Know You Want to be Bound & Taken
A Pictorial Story of Extremes

Do You Read Leg Show Magazine?
A Great Way for your wife to find out you like Domination!

Strap-On Dildo Training
Pictorial Story!

Roberta the Sissy Maid

Desiring My Lady Boss
Pictorial Story!

My New Doctor Gives Me My Prostate Exam
Pictorial Story!

Lady Sinder Sensually Seduces Sebastion the Pink Panty Slut

The Awaking of a Domina
Mistress Leyla - the early days.

The Cure  
A pictorial story of what happens when a panty boy can't stop jerking off.

Return from the Little Death
Poetry by Leyla

Force Feminization at the Chalet
A pictorial story and is it a great one!

   Red Leather Ankle Straps   

          Our contribution to your Valentine's Day, print it out and enclose it in a card.

         Enslaved by My Long Lovely Feet  
                       Our Nastiest Pictorial story to date!

      What Leyla Wants, Leyla Gets  
A continuing pictorial story about a dominant woman with a voracious sexual appetite.

        Beautiful Obsession     

                      A man developes an obsessive longing for his neighbor... a Professional Dominatrix.

         A Birthday to Remember   
                  A very young man is introduced to joys of male love.

Fantasies In Chocolate
  An oldie but a goodie. A story about the sweet side of brown showers.

Red Panties and Willing Ass Cheeks
    A story for the dominant male who enjoys seducing a Lady’s virgin asshole

Freddie’s Vacation as Told to Mistress Simone
    A story for our young gay blades.

            The New Roommate
                 A panty boy fantasy.

           A Girl-Boy In My Dorm
                 By our own Lady Crimson


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