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From: Satiney@hotmail.com
Subject: your password to www.behind-the-pink-door.com
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 01:38:29 EDTDear Mistress Cinnamon:
I just wanted to thank You for last night's call. Of course, it is always
very erotic for me to be able to confess these desires.  Your understanding
of those thoughts i have and Your questions, and scenes You painted, really
brought me to a crescendo in a hurry. But, it was Your willingness to stay
during the afterglow that i first thought of when i awoke this morning.It
showed an acceptance and caring that is so special to me.

i am still at the hotel for 1 more night so will get to dress again tonite.

i think You asked me to fill in a bit more background and fantasy thoughts.
So....started dressing some as a young teenager, but usually just panties
and hosiery. Got married (21)and then only dressed sporadically. When i did
, again normally just panties and a garter belt/stockings "borrowed" from my
wife, maybe with a satin sleeping gown. Post 35 years old, it started
becoming more frequent, and more complete dressing. I saw my first pre-domme
during this time. Finally, by 41 0r 42, I had my own stash of kimmie's
clothes, make-up and wig. This is the time when i was going to Dawn,
travelling alot, etc. Dawn is who taught me at least some basics about
putting make-up on. She encouraged me to dress more completely. For example,
I had never bought my own bra. She told me that before i came back, i would
have to have my own pink bra. And then the next time, until i had my own
skirt, etc.
Unfortunately, due to some problems in her life, Dawn had to leave the

business. i learned many things from Her, but she was the first one who
taught me that what i loved was to be lovingly humiliated (and You
understand that apparent oxymoron) .(Note: As I started to right the next
sentence, I had to stop to go get dressed. Its now about 75 minutes
later..fully dressed, make-up wig) It was after this that i , for the first
time, touched a man's cock (my little clittie doesnt count). As You guessed,
it was at an adult book store, I had my kimmie clothes on under my boy
clothes which i unbuttoned and pushed out of the way enough so anyone
looking thru the glory hole could tell i had on lingerie. Now here is where
it gets confusing. I am not excited by men at all. I can see gay porn and
never even start to get aroused. However, a picture of a cd sucking a cock
always makes my little clitty leak. To me, it is the forbiddeness of it all
that arouses me, and the excitement of the humilaition of being seen as a
man should not be. i was raised that a boy does not act womanly and
certainly not girly....that being feminine was, of course, fine and
appropriate for women, but no real man would ever act that way. And so, when
i reached out and touched that first cock sticking thru the glory hole, it
was not because i was drawn to the cock itself, but rather i was drawn to
exposing to  that person that i was not quite a real man, that i loved being
dressed as a woman, that i loved imitating (albiet very poorly) dressing the
way a woman does to be sexy to a man. (did that make any sense?) i get the
same thrill when i buy make-up or lingerie or whatever, particularly if i
know the saleswoman suspects they are for me. And the combination, of
sucking a man at the behest of or with the knowledge of, or in front of, a
woman, is pure aphrodisiac to me. Then, not only can the man smugly look at
me as a sissy, a woman can mock my poor attempt to imitate her. A
humilaitingly lovely double dose.

anyway, things progressed from there to the point i started sucking
cocks....And i would often call a phone mistress after such an
event.however, i always put a condom on them first because of disease
concerns. Well, the inevitable happened, things slipped one night and i
found my mouth suddenly full of cock without a condom....just for a moment
but long enough for me to taste plenty of precum. Well, following
this...even tho i know that the chance of aids is almost nil with oral sex,
i was certain that i would be the "almost" in that statement. i purgedeverything i had, from my wig to my shoes.
i even went and got a confidential test just to convince myself that the 1
in a million event had not happened to me. Rationally, i know all that was
silly, but, we are not always rationale.

Every action has an oposite and equal reaction. i put on about 45 lbs in
just over a year, and stayed there. Finally, last spring, i promised my self
if i lost the weight i would dress again. About 2 months ago, i got to the
goal, and a month ago, on a trip, i went on a shopping spree
extraordinare....from shoes all the way to a new wig.

my wife...what can i say. While i think we have a good marriage,and i have
been honest and faithful in every other way, even when opportunity has
knocked, and she is a wonderful woman and a loving, caring mother, i simply
am unable to show her this part of me. First, it just isnt my role in our
family...i am the breadwinner (she hasnt worked outside since our first
child). Second...and this is selfish, i know,....even if i could tell her or
show her....and even if she was accepting....and that is a big if.....i'm
afraid that that acceptance would reduce, maybe even destroy, the thrill i
get from all of this....it would no longer be forbidden.

Geez, Mistress, but i do ramble. i will end it here. i hope this isnt to
long, but maybe it will help You figure me out for the next time i call.i
will be in the hotel tonite, so, if You get a chance to read this thur,
10/19, and if You have time(i know there are so many of us and only 1 of
you, this is not an expectation but is instead a hope, and i know you cant
control email delivery or time zone differences anyway)please email me back
so i can call again before kimmie has to go away until i travel again. i
hope there are not too may typos in this letter.

Yours Gratefully


Subj: ....20 min...
Date: 8/25/03 2:59:56PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: m@dt.com
To: MistressCinamon@aol.com
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Hot! Hot! Hot!

You are such a total delight...

I have a long drive home along some major freeways here.  As I drive, I
watch woman after woman totally glued to their cell-phones in their
SUVs.  And I Wonder...  Wonder what the conversation could be like...

Anyway, all the best!  Have a great week.



Subj: Re: Thank You !!
Date: 12/29/02 3:14:44 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: O@a.net
To: MistressCinamon@aol.com
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Cinamon, Just a short note to thank you for your wisdom today. I am already 'excited' about implementing your advice. You are incredible !!

Subj: Re: hi!
Date: 12/29/02 11:16:50 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: w@att.net
To: MistressCinamon@aol.com
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Dear Mistress,
Thank you for the Email. You've made me feel special to you. I understand being busy, I've spent the last three months swamped with work myself. I intend to call again, but I want to make sure all my attention is on you and that I won't be interrupted. I wish you a wonderful holiday season, and look forward to talking to you.
Love, your little girl, m
> So sorry I missed your call m! > What with the holidays and Mistress Simone enjoying herself at her favorite > spa, I have been very busy. > Do please call again dear. > Tease and denial is to sex what ice cream and frosting is to cake, >
Mistress Cinamon >
Owner/Webmistress >
www.Behind-the-Pink-Door.com >
www.PinkMistress.com >
1-775-355-0421 >

Subj:A Picture
Date:11/28/02 4:56:53PM Pacific Standard Time
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Dear Mistress Cinamon.  Thank You for taking the time to read this letter.
i finally got this computer going again.  Today i'm wearing my silk knit
thong panties.  They feel so good working up between the crack of my ass.
Attached to this letter is a photo.  I hope it gets to You.  And have a good

Your Panty Boy



Date:11/25/02 9:42:25 PM Pacific Standard Time
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Dear Mistress Cinamon.
Thank You for taking the time to read this letter. Sorry for taking so long to return your message. i had a problem with my E Mail account and some possible virus problems too. i had to have my ISP track down the problem. Now that that is fixed, i'm trying to upgrade to a cable modem and have had nothing but problems. i've been working on it for the last two days, but now that the cable modem is working, my windows OS isn't. i'm getting ready to reformat the hard drive for the second time in two days.
Thank You for the letter the other day instructing me to buy the Summers Eve Douche at Wal-Mart. i felt like such a bad boy at the check out counter. i bought a four pack and have used two of them as You had instructed. It makes me feel clean, refreshed and feminine when i'm finished. i have been wearing panties whenever possible this weekend and have the leopard print ones on right now. i also took a couple of pictures in this leopard print bra and panties along with the black panty hose. If i ever get this computer running right i'll send you one if You would like. well, i must go. i just wanted to say Thank You for Your letter and instructions. bobbie
-----Original Message----- From: MistressCinamon@aol.com [mailto:MistressCinamon@aol.com]
Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2002 12:30 AM
To: ___@___.net
Subject: Re: Panty boy needs training
Dearest bobbie,
Thank you for your kind letter. I will erase all reference to you personally and post it on my website if you don't mind. I quite liked it. Unfortunately I have not been feeling well. Please always call me first sweet boy. Even when I am ill, it brightens my day to speak with you. Mistress Simone is a wonderful addition to any boy's education. We have such a different style that I will be a refreshing change for you the next time you call.
Dearest, I really want you to go into Walmart and buy a Summer's Eve douche. Buy a few other items as well. Perhaps a can of mixed nuts, a nice greeting card for me, and some other items such as men's deodorant and a pair of men socks. Then I want you to come home and strip down to the panties you went to Walmart wearing underneath you male attire and gently stroke yourself to erection. Continue playing with your darling little clitty stick until it gets the front of your pretty panties sticky. Then slip out of your panties and put them in the sink to be rinsed out later. Step into the shower with your raging hard on in one hand and the Summer's Eve douche in the the other. (Make-sure you put the douche and nozzle together first) Set the douche down and lather up your clitty stick while you think of me watching you through the steam as you ease the nozzle of the douche up your pussy hole, pushing in and out, in and out, slowly, sensuously as I pinch your little nipples, and then squeeze it as your orgasm squirts all over.
Tease and denial is to sex what ice cream and frosting is to cake,
Mistress Cinamon Owner/Webmistress

Subj:Panty boy needs training
Date:11/16/02 11:54:21 AM Pacific Standard Time
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Dear Mistress Cinamon.
Thank You for your time. And i hope You are feeling better. i just got back in town this morning from vacation in Phoenix and Seattle. As soon as i got in the house i stripped off my cloths and changed into the white slip You sent me. i must tell You Mistress that i longed for this soft sensuous feeling and a training session with You for over a week. i was going to call You the other day to tell you my feelings, but i didn't have Your card with me. (It's in my wallet now though) As You can imagine, while out of town, i could not let out any of my submissive fantasies. i did try to quench my panty boy desires while in Seattle by checking out the panty and feminine hygiene displays at Wal-Mart. They always have good displays of many different styles of panties. It only made things worse and i desired Your training even more. i always feel i am sneaking into forbidden territory when i go and check out these isles. (i may have been spotted looking too close too). i also went on Your web site for awhile and was pleased to see the new layout for Your photo gallery. Your photo's are always hot. i wish i was in them. Please tell Mistress Simone Thank You for the training session last month. And Thank You too for allowing Her to train me. If i had known You weren't feeling well, i wouldn't of bothered You that night. Mistress, please allow me to call You tonight to worship and be trained by you. If i don't hear from you, i will call in the evening.
Thank You again for Your time, Bobbie@___net

Subj:Re: joined 11-19-02
Date:11/19/02 8:59:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
Thank You Mistress Cinamon for the welcome, a very enticing site that You have....i will be calling soon.
enthralled i am,

Subj:Thank you Mommie
Date:11/21/02 9:07:15 PM Pacific Standard Time
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Dear Mistress Cinamon,
Thank you so much for being a loving Mistress. I have always wanted to simply love and pleasure an understanding dominant woman such as yourself. To tenderly kiss and taste you from behind, inhaling your wonderful scent, hoping and wishing you would honor me by gently cumming in my mouth, and then to savor your essence. Would you let me enjoy myself in your hamper,mommie, finding your fresh panties, still warm and moist from the day. May I hold them to my nose as you watch and smile with your approval. Thank you again for your lovely site. Kisses, Misha


Subj:RE: Regarding your order
Date:10/19/02 8:37:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time
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Dear Mistress Cinamon. Thank You for taking the time to send me this message. i am sorry that i haven't called You again. i was out of town for awhile. You can send my toy any time You like. i truely did enjoy our call also and look forward to another one. i have been wearing my panties all day today and wore my thong all day yesterday also. i think i may need to buy some more lingerie, maybe some nylons or pantyhose too. i really enjoy the way they make me feel. So submissive and slavish.
Thank You for Your time Mistress. bob
PS: Your panties still smell entoxicating. i'll probably order another pair of those pretty soon too. i can't seem to get enough of them.

Subj: thanks!
Date: 12/1/00 12:35:53 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: AFAN.com (J. L.C.)
To: MistressCinamon@aol.com
Hi, Cinamon, This is JQ and I wanted to thank you for our lovely chat yesterday. I was also wondering how I might go about getting a pair of your scented panties and those leopard heels we talked about. let me know when you get a chance.
Adoringly, J

Subj: Thank You Mistress,
From J.
Date: 6/19/01 4:45:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: AFAN
To: MistressCinamon
Dear Mistress Cinamon, Thank You for sending me the picture "great spanking." It is a great picture and has started me thinking of a lot of fantasies I would like to share with you. I noticed your slave had on nylon stockings and a cute little pair of sheer panties, is this something you do with all your slaves? You are very beautiful in the picture, and with your beauty and intelligence, I would love to be your slave. I believe you mentioned the last time we spoke that you were putting either more pictures on your Website, or perhaps filming a movie? I'm not sure which one it was, but please let me know. Thanks Again for the Picture, and I hope to speak with you soon, till then, please take care.
Yours, J.

Subj: thanks
Date: 3/6/02 9:59:21 PM Pacific Standard Time
From:AFAN (L.)
To: MistressCinamon@aol.com
Hi, it's Loren, the guy from Nebraska you gave a wonderful experience to last night... I'm not a phone sex addict, but over the last 15 years, I've tried it a time or three.. and last nite was the best experience I've ever had! I sometimes wonder about my "potency" (I've avoided Viagra so far), plus it was very late nite for me, but I was cock ring hard (without one) for the entire experience and my balls were pulled up so tight they ached. I somehow realized the dream of the 50 year old mind in an 18 year old body... :-) So my dear, thank you for tripping my trigger (or triggers I never realized I had) and we will do it again sometime....
Your little pink slut... :-) L.

Subj: Re: i would like to serve you.
Date: 3/14/01 3:46:27 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: kink.jp
Sender: kink.jp
To: MistressCinamon@aol.com
DEAR MISTESS CINAMON ROSE Thank you for answering me. i undestand what you said. i will make effort to promote your website in japan. i am greatfull for you to think over my name. i have been respecting you,and i kneel down in front of your picture every night.Cloud you teach me the sentences durung my pray for you. i am happy to get your mercy, Please do not abandon me. Mistress CINAMON ROSE is my GODDESS. If you are OK, please give me some tasks for you. P.S In japan, it is still cold. How about your region? Please do not catch a cold.

Subj: Hi & thanks
Date: 2/14/01 3:48:03 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: BC
To: MistressCinamon
Dear Mommie, Just a quickie to say thanks for the lovely session this afternoon! You made my Valentine's Day something nice to remember instead of just another empty day. I hope you enjoyed it too. You have a pretty, sexy, and very attractive voice and spirit. I felt very comfortable talking and playing with you. I hope that we can develop a nice relationship....I have many thoughts and feelings to share and I think that perhaps we can "grow" our play into something deeper and better, hopefully for you just as much as for me. This was of course the "first time" and I felt very encouraged. Anyway I hope you have a lovely day and I look forward to our next encounter!
Hugs, Sissy B


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