A Tease and Denial Experience to Remember



   I was sitting at my computer cropping and resizing photos of my latest models for my website when my business cell phone rang. I answered it as I always do in my silkiest, sultry voice, “Hello, you’ve reached Cinamon.” On the other end I heard a very masculine voice reply, “Hello there, is this Mistress Cinamon?” I replied, “Yes, it is.” He replied, “This is Clint, how are you today?” I replied in my sauciest tone, as I always do, “Still better than most”.  He chuckled and said, “I already like your style”.

   We chit chatted on the phone for a few minutes. I went over my policies and explained that I always meet my clients in a public place prior to our session. After all the details were agreed upon, I said I was looking forward to meeting him at 6pm and hung up.

    I smiled as I thought to myself, ‘this is going to be one of my all time favorite sessions.’ He wanted to relive a past experience with me, only this time he wanted it to have the fantasy outcome that the original experience did not.

   I specialize in fantasy role play with the emphasis on ‘tease and denial’. I cater to the mature gentleman who knew what he wanted when he was a young man, who was unmercifully teased by lovely older women, but did not have the wisdom… or the guts to follow through when opportunity knocked. Quite often these past experiences shaped his whole sexual future…  Now, today, with me, he has the opportunity relive that experience, to go back in time for one hour, and to retool that experience, making it happen the way he has fantasized about for years.

   Clint and I met at the appointed time, at a local Reno Casino in their quietist lounge. I was wearing one of my signature outfits…a black mid-calf skirt with little white polka dots, a white strapless top with a short sleeved, black Shantung silk blazer over it. I of course had on sheer black seamed stockings along with a saucy little pair of black and white polka dot high heeled sandals. Clint looked at me with true appreciation in his eyes. I had told him I always dressed business casual for my meetings, that if he was seen by an acquaintance they would simply think he was on a date or a having a business meeting. I am, as always, true to my word. We chatted about what he did for a living (he was a small business man, as so many of my clients are) and what I did for a living and what I had done in the past. I ordered my favorite drink, an apple martini, and sat there quietly sipping it while I just let the conversation flow naturally. I like to get to know my clients and give them, and myself, time to find a comfort level. He told me what a rare and unusual woman I was. I admit it, I love to hear that.

   I asked Clint to give me a synopsis of his fantasy. He told me that as a young college student he needed extra money and he had worked for a company that sold accounting software. Back in those days computers were still very new age and getting companies to step up into the computer age was hard. If he managed to demo the product to a prospective buyer and they bought it on the 60 day trial, he made a tidy commission. The sale he most remembered and that haunted him until this very day was made to a mature dark haired lady, the owner of a small boutique specializing in exquisite lady’s lingerie. She had really made him squirm before she finally acquiesced to the purchase. He told me what she had done to him, teased him with her long nylon stockinged legs, flashed him glimpses of her gartered thighs, leaning over him with her delicious perfume wafting up from her creamy cleavage… even ‘accidentally’ flashing him a peek at her white nylon panty crotch.

   He was absolutely sure she was coming on to him, but at the time he just didn’t know how to handle the situation. For years he had fantasized about ‘what if’, ‘did she mean’ and all these years later, he realized that yes, he could have taken the situation ‘all the way’, had he been just a little older, just  a little more experienced,… and sure of himself.

    I silently laughed to myself, knowing that she had just enjoyed playing with him, much like a cat enjoys toying with a mouse. Sex wasn’t what she had on her mind, she just enjoyed her power over him, his helplessness, the way he blushed, the stammering tone of his voice, …and the damp spot that appeared on the front of his slacks.

   I agreed to relive his fantasy with him and to have it end with a more, shall we say, satisfactory conclusion. Little did he know just how much I was like that dark haired lady of his past.

   We finished our drinks, then proceeded down the elevator and out onto the street. Just a few steps and around the corner and we were at my office building. Nothing was said in the elevator, we got out on the second floor and he followed me to my office. Once inside he asked what happens next, I explained I required my fee prior to the start of our session. He paid it without hesitation. I could see the excitement in his eyes, as well as the ‘growing’ excitement in his pants.

    I was already in character and told him to position the chair in front of my desk and to take a seat.

    We bantered back and forth about what his software could do to make my accounting easier and to save me time and money. He put his laptop on my desk and started the program, talking about how this and that worked. I stood up and leaned over trying to see the screen. From my position behind the desk I told him I could not see the screen well enough. I moved around the desk and sat on the edge, crossing my long nylon encased legs at the knee. My skirt skillfully ‘caught on a rough edge’ and rode up around my right thigh, showing a long expanse of leg, the top of my stocking, the dark welting starkly outlined against the white flesh of my bare upper thigh… Clint gulped and stuck his finger inside the collar of his white dress shirt, frantically trying to loosen it, his face already a bright shade of pink. I smiled and said, “Forgive me,” as I slowly pulled my skirt down over my knees with my long bright red manicured nails. His eyes were riveted on the shiny metal garter fastened to the top of my sheer stocking. I suggested we sit together on the long chase lounge that was placed conveniently against the wall of my office.    

    I slowly walked over to the chase lounge, letting my hips sway seductively, slowly slipping my silk jacket off my shoulders and tossing it onto the chair he’d been sitting on, I sat down, once again crossing my legs. Clint sat down next me, he was obviously nervous and excited… just as I wanted him to be.

    He sat his computer on his lap (and well that he did, since he needed something to hide the growing bulge in his pants) and once again started his spiel. I leaned forward, to of course get a better look at the computer screen, and brushed my lush breasts against his shoulder. He jumped as though he had been burned… I grinned up at him and said, “Please, continue.” As we sat companionably on the chase he began to calm slightly and really began to get into his presentation. I squirmed and complained softly into his shell pink ear that this chase lounge had been purchased for looks rather than comfort. I told him that I had previously injured my hip in a horseback riding accident and needed to change position. I slowly pulled my high heeled foot up onto the chase, (skillfully catching the hem of my skirt on the ankle strap). Once again my skirt rode up, only this time he got an eyeful of the lacey hem of my slip lying right at the waist band of my sheer white nylon panties. My spread creamy white thighs nicely exposed my panty crotch, already damp from the excitement of teasing him. He could see the dark shadow of my lush bush hidden under my sheer white panties.

   I lay back further on the back of the chase lounge and slipped my hand under the waist band of my panties, watching the excitement on his face as my hand slipped further and further down into my sheer white nylon briefs. He could clearly see the outline of my long red fingernails as they moved down closer and closer to my dark thatch of hair. I slowly began to stroke myself as he watched in stunned silence. I slipped my other hand into my panties and slowly parted my pussy lips. I then lasciviously started to stroke my clit up and down, up and down. Using the fingers of each hand I worked up a lot of sweet pussy juice teasing my own throbbing clit. I knew that the scent of my musky pussy was wafting up towards his eager face. I slowly pulled my hand from my panties and brought my hand to my face. I let my tongue flicker out and lightly licked my finger tip. I then offered my fingertips to Clint. He greedily sucked my fingers, taking each one into his mouth, one at a time, enjoying the taste of my hot pussy.

   I reached back and unzipped my top. Underneath I was wearing a white strapless push up bra. My lace covered breasts were piled into it, spilling over the top. I reached out and pulled his face into my lush cleavage, as I smothered his face into my perfumed silkiness I sensuously rubbed my breasts back and forth across his lips. I then reached into my bra and pulled my breasts free, nipples hard and pink as I rolled them back and forth between my fingertips, I offered the pearly pink tips to him. Clint leaned down and took my hard nipple into his mouth. He gently teased the tips with his teeth, lightly nipping, then sucking. A soft low moan escaped my lips. My hips began to grind into the cushion of the chase as I pushed Clint to his knees between my legs. Clint did not want to let go of my nipple, as he descended my nipple stretched out taunt between his teeth, the feeling was indescribably erotic.

   I grabbed Clint’s hair and pulled his face between my spread thighs. He tried to pull my panties off my hips, but I pushed his hands away. I made him eat my pussy through my nylon panties. The raspy feel of his tongue through the nylon fabric of my panty crotch  made my needy clit throb. He began to work his tongue under the elastic edge of my panty crotch. I struggled and tried to push his face away, his insistently probing tongue seemed to get longer and harder as it finally found its way deep up in side of my hot wet little hole. Clint grasped my hips and furiously tongue fucked me. I finally brought my high heeled foot up against his shoulder and pushed him to the floor.

   He quickly stood and unzipped his pants, pulling his cock out he kneeled and began to rub his pre cum covered cock against the crotch of my panties. He was amazingly skilled and controlled, as though he had played this scene out over and over again in his mind. He stoked his cock up and down my sopping wet panty crotch, working it between my pussy lips through the nylon fabric. The friction of his cock against my engorged clit made me have orgasm after orgasm. As they shook my body he stoked his thick cock until he climaxed, shooting his hot load of creamy white cum all over my white nylon panty crotch .

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